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Eva, Fava & Barquinha, Tingsryd 2006
Behind the kennel name, you will find,

I bought my first dog 1983, which was a Cocker.  It wasen't until i bought my Leonberger that my interest for showing dogs awakened. The breeding didn't start until 2001, although then with Estrela.

My first encounter with the Estrela, was in 1987 when I met the female ”Such Hoffen-Hill’s Estrela Ewina” who was a wonderful, fawn colored female. I bought my first estrela male ”SV’89’91’93, Such Hoffen-Hill’s Estrela Eucuador” in 1988 After this female, from Margareta Damfeldt. We called him ”Tjacke” and he was a magnificent estrela male who spurred my interest for the breed.

Hoffen-Hill's Equador
Åkervindan's Barca
A few years later, in 1990 I bought my first estrela female,”Faidros My Fair Lady”
1991 the next female entered our lives, that time I bought a three year old female ”Faidros Lovely Princess Leia". Due to various reasons these females where never used in breeding.
Åkervindans Barca was next in line to come to me, namely in 1992. Eventuelly Barca turned out to be a shorthair, sadly I never got any puppies from her.
Some years later, Pia Olsson and I imported a male ”Nobre da Quinta de S Fernando” from Suzette Preiswerk da Mota Veiga, Portugal. "Nobre" sired two litters, Åkervindans had the first litter and "Agaius kennel" had the second one, as a studfee out of Maj-Britt's litter I got the puppy "Agaius Nobla Heymie”, born in 1994. Unfortunately i never found a suitable male for Heymie, and she was later on adopted by a family living in the country side.
Nobre da Quinta de S Fernando
Barca & Azoia
I still nourished the dream of staring my own kennel so in 1997 "Faidros Xeta é Castanha" came into my life, sadly she turned out dysplastic so it wasen´t until 2001 my dream was realized via the female "Faidros Azoia ela é Castanha" who i bought in 1998.
In 2001 I mated my female "Zoian" with the fawn male Such Flip de Balboa. Zoian's Azenha was the female I kept in the kennel, she was born in our first litter of 12 puppies, 6 males and 6 females. Unfortunately i lost her in a car accident at an to early age.
Zoian's Azenha
Fava 060527
In 2003 I introduced my new Portuguese imported female ”Victoria da Casa da Redonda” from Mr Rui Oliveira. Allready the following year I imported yet another Portuguese female "Fava", who came to Sweden in whelp, father to our B-Litter is a Portuguese male, "Igor Jr da Serra de Sintra", owned and bred by Mr Altavilla. In this litter I kept the fawn female "Zoian's Barquinha".
Through collaboration with Canil Akaroa's i bought the uterusimported female Canil Akaroa's Benzer "Charlan" in 2004.
Charlan 070105
Quinha 050507
In 2007 i mated "Quinha" with my homebred male Such, Dkuch, Kbhv-05 Zoian's Alvito. The female Zoian's Daisy was the result.

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